Software Features


Unique 24-Hour format. Four age-group-based learning levels. Guiding Hands to teach finger positioning. Carefully crafted practice lessons that arrest your attention. Tracks progress and, conducts tests, with detailed progress reports accurate to the last second.


Personal attention, continuous monitoring, and surprise gifts from the teacher inculcate unending curiosity and keep you so engaged that you would be delighted to see how quickly you mastered the computer keyboard with impressive Certificate of Success.


Word Power, Common Errors, Idioms and Phrases, Proverbs, Beautiful Poetry, Inspiring Speeches, all as part of practice lessons impart rich language skills making you the master of not only the Computer Keyboard but also the English Language.


The interactive Teacher’s Desk feature enables the computer class teacher to continuously monitor a student's progress, make observations, give advice, evaluate the responses and progress of the student, and generate, save, and send Student Progress Reports.


Transparency in test methods, and test results, gain the trust of the student. Transparency in lesson lengths and lesson times prepares the student to persist with the practice lessons especially when they are lengthy. Persistent practice leads to success.

24 Hours

All it takes is just 24 Hours of practice and you’ve learned the art of touch typing – for life. With Anupama, Learning Touch Typing is a fun, motivating, and engaging experience! The ideal software for your computer lab to teach keyboarding skills.

Software Download


Windows 7 SP1 or above with .Net 4.8; 4GB RAM; 500 MB Disk Space; Internet Connection. The web Installer option installs the application directly from the web to your computer. The Offline Portable build of the software downloads the archived software folder. Unzip it to run the application.

Web Installer

To install the Anupama Software application from the web, simply click the Install button. A 'setup' file gets downloaded. Double-click on the setup file. The installation starts. It installs the .Net 4.8 and then the Anupama application. Read the installation instructions given below.


The offline portable build does not require any installation. Download, copy and paste the unzipped software folder anywhere on your computer or a pen drive. Create a shortcut to the 'Application' file of the software folder, on your desktop to run the application.


Instruction 1

1. Once you click on the Install button on the download page, a security warning pops up and requests you to confirm: Do you want to install this application? Click on Install.

Instruction 2

2. On clicking the Install button, the download starts. Wait till the download is complete. It may take some time depending on your internet connection speed.

Instruction 3

3. After the download is completed, Windows Defender raises a security concern with 'Don't run' button. However, there is 'More info' text. Click it to make the 'Run anyway' button visible.

Instruction 4

4. Now click on the 'Run anyway' button to run the Anupama application. This will open the Anupama Software application. Follow the application instructions.

Course Fee

Learn English Typing with Anupama Software

Course Duration: One Month

Registration Fee: US$

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Learn English Typing with Anupama Software

Extension of the Course Duration by: One Month

Extension Fee: US$

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