With Anupama, Learning Touch Typing is a fun, motivating and engaging experience!

  • Unique 24 hour format.
  • Learn on your own computer.
  • 4 different age-group based learning levels.
  • Guiding Hands that teach you finger positioning.
  • Carefully crafted practice lessons that arrest your attention.
  • Features 6 play and learn games that make your fingers dance on the keyboard.
  • Tracks progress and conducts tests with detailed progress reports accurate to the last second.
  • Word Power, Common Errors, Idioms and Phrases, Proverbs, Beautiful Poetry, Inspiring Speeches, all as part of practice lessons impart rich language skills making you the master of not only Computer Keyboard but also of Hindi Language.
  • Personal attention, Continuous monitoring and Surprise gifts from teacher inculcate unending curiosity and keeps you so engaged that you would be enthralled to see how quickly you mastered the Computer Keyboard with an impressive Certificate of your Skills.
  • Unique Teacher’s Desk which provides for online Teacher-Student interaction. In a School / College / Institute environment, the Computer Class Teacher can continuously monitor a student’s progress and options, make observations and give advises, evaluating the responses and progress of the student. Teacher’s Desk also provides for generating, saving and sending Student’s Progress Reports by mail.
  • All it takes is just 24 hours of practice and you’ve learnt the art of touch typing – for life.

Anupama, the World’s Best Typing Tutor Software that teaches Typing in just 24 Hours, is undoubtedly the ideal Software for your computer lab for imparting the necessary computer keyboarding skills to your students so as to enhance their creativity and overall success.

Release date:June 17, 2016
Last updated:January 1, 2017
Current version:3.0.0
Product type:Desktop Application
File format:.zip
File size:342 MB
Requirements:Windows 7 or above
Price:INR 1,500.00 – INR 3,000.00 INR
Author: anupamatyping.comVersion: 3.0.0Release Date: 2017-01-01Size: 342MB